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We want to share this Tether Tug review with you because our dog absolutely loves this toy. Read on..you will love it too!

Our dogs are our beloved members of the family. And just like other regular family members, they can get into our nerves from time to time with their bad behaviors, annoying needs, and too much energy that totally wear us out.

Dogs are actually meant to play and there’s only so much time and energy we can give them. When they want to play more but we are already dead tired from work and from our personal lives, they can act up and become bored or destructive.

This is why playing with our pets is essential so they also become well-behaved beings. Luckily, a small company from Missouri has come up with a special dog toy that gives our pets hours and hours of endless fun even when we’re not around.

The Tether Tug Interactive Dog Toy is a simple outdoor toy that allows your pet to play fetch and tug and pull for hours, allowing them to channel their playful nature in a healthy way. Let’s take a look at what it actually is, why choose it for your dog, and if the toy is actually right for you.


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What Kind of Toy Is It?


The Tether TugToy is an outdoor toy that comes with a pole that you stick to the ground & a toy that you snap on the tip of the pole. Your dog can tug on the toy, pull it, and twist it around without
the toy snapping off or the pole being pulled out from the ground. The pole is flexible and durable enough to withstand the strongest of pulls and bends.

When you order the toy, it comes with a pole, a heavy duty in-ground base, and a choice of a fleece toy for smaller dogs, or a knotted rope for bigger dogs.

Great for all sizes of dogs, you can choose from the following toy sizes:

  • Below 15 lbs. = Tether Tug Toy for Puppies and Small Dogs
  • 15-35 lbs. = Tether Tug Toy for Medium Dogs
  • 36-60 lbs. = Tether Tug Dog Toy for Large Dogs
  • Over 60lbs. = Tether Tug for Extra Large Dogs


The Tether Tug for Extra Large Dogs are designed with a thicker core and are perfect for breeds that have a stronger pull such as pit bulls, German shepherds, or Rottweilers.

Why Choose This Toy for Your Dog


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Dogs need different types of stimulation to stay healthy, happy, and well-behaved and the Tether Tug Outdoor Dog Toy answers a lot of your dog’s needs in terms of play time and exercise. It can prevent many
destructive behaviours such as digging, chewing on furniture, and fence fighting since the Tether Tug toy gives them something better to do.

It’s durable enough to withstand the strongest of pulls and bends so you won’t have to worry about the pole or toy being destroyed after many hours of play time.

Studies also show that about 54% of dogs in the US are obese or overweight. Exercise helps them burn calories but if you’re too busy or tired, you won’t have time to walk them or play with them outdoors, so when they become overweight, they are more prone to diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, or liver failure.

The Tether Tug outdoor dog toy isn’t just for play but it’s a simple solution to keeping your dog healthy and away from sickness, too.

The company behind the toy has a simple mission, and that’s to help pet owners find a way to keep their dogs happy and healthy, as well as to create a great relationship between dog and owner. When your dog is showing bad behaviour, it can test your patience and you, in turn, will also respond in a negative way. But if your dog is actually well-behaved, you will tend to have a stronger and
more loving relationship.

Pros and Cons of the Tether Tug Toy


  • Easy to Set-up

    The toy comes with a pole, a base, and a toy, and nothing else. You won’t need any special tools or skills to set it up. Basically, you just have to drive the metal base into the ground, stick the 55″ pole
    into the base, and attach your chosen Tether Tug toy on the pole with the snap attachment, and your dog is ready to play.

  • Hours of Play on Their Own

    Your dog doesn’t have to have a trainer nor do you have to be around so he or she can enjoy hours of endless fun and exercise. Because the toy is snapped to the pole, it simply bounces back, and your
    dog can jump and pull and tug on the toy again and again. Once you get home, your dog has already had his dose of exercise.

  • Durable and Flexible

    We know that dogs can be destructive even with their favorite toys, but the Tether Tug toy is basically a great indestructible dog toy that can last for a long, long time, without you having to replace it every
    now and then.


  • You Need to Have a Yard

    Because the pole needs to be driven into the ground, those who live in buildings won’t be able to use this toy for their dog.

  • Your Dog May Be Too Tired and Sleepy When You Get Home

    If you’re looking to run around or take your dog to the park once you get home at the end of the day, you might be disappointed to find out your dog has already had much fun without you and would rather sleep than spend quality time with you. If you intend to have an outdoor run with your dog, better to keep this toy in storage for the day.

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Who Is It Good For?


The Tether Tug Outdoor Dog Toy is perfect for owners who have energetic dogs, whether it be a puppy or a Rottweiler. It gives them hours of interactive play on their own, so they won’t have to resort to bad behaviour.

If you have a yard or outdoor space in your home that doesn’t have concrete, this toy is just right for you since it needs to be driven onto the ground. And if playing catch, tugging, jumping, and pulling, are your dog’s favorite things to do, he or she will absolutely love this toy.

The Bottom Line


Dogs can be rough and annoying at times and when they’re done with teething toys or playing catch but their energy levels are still high, it can cause them to act destructively when they have nothing else better to do.

The Tether Tug toy promotes healthy behaviors, a healthy dog, and a healthier relationship between pet and owner.

Review by Dog or Dog.

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