The Best Dog Raincoats for Rainy Days

Is your dog constantly outdoors? Or have you ever walked your dog to the park and it started to rain? In such cases, your pup might need a dog raincoat.

Best Overall

Carhartt Pet Firm Duck Insulated Dog Coat


100% ring spun cotton


Quilted nylon lining for warmth and easy on and off

Best Seller

HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho


Made of 100% polyester material with waterproof coating


It covers your dog from head to booty


RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho


Lightweight water resistant Taffeta shell


Cover dog's head with a hoodie

Review of Best Dog Raincoats

We’ve rounded up 3 of the best dog raincoats in the market that protect your dog from getting wet while also looking good at the same time.

Here are three bestselling and efficient dog raincoats we believe you should buy for your beloved dog:

1. Best Overall: Carhartt Pet Firm Duck Insulated Dog Coat



  • Beautifully designed coat
  • High-quality material and quality
  • Inner lining made of quilted nylon that provides warmth
  • Taffeta nylon lining does not collect dog hair for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable neck and chest straps


  • Because the fabric is made of ring-spun cotton, it may shrink if you wash it incorrectly.
This coat was made for work dogs who are always out and about and exposed to environmental elements. It’s made from top-quality jacket maker Carhartt, made with 100% ring-spun cotton and canvas material that looks gorgeous on any dog.

Here are Carhartt’s Pet Firm Duck Insulated Dog Coat features:

1. Made of 100% Ring-Spun Cotton

The fabric is gorgeous in brown or brass color. It looks like a jacket or vest, and the Carhartt logo is visible on the outer, double-rivet pocket. The firm-hand 100% ring-spun cotton dog vest features a water-repellent coating and insulation with the quilted nylon lining. It offers protection from the rain while also providing the jacket with warmth ability.

This is the perfect coat for dogs that don’t have a thick undercoat as it helps keep them comfortable and warm while outdoors in the rain.

The collar is also made of corduroy-trim and tucks into the coat for added comfort.

2. Adjustable Hook-and-Loop Chest & Neck Tabs

The chest and neck tabs are fully adjustable, providing the perfect fit and comfort for any dog of any size. If your dog gains weight after you buy the coat, there’s no problem as you can easily adjust the coat’s fit.

3. Water-Repellent Coating on the Coat

The primary material of the coat is coated with water-repellant, and you will see rain or water forming beads on the surface and rolling off. The fabric is not absorbent, which means no water will get through the outer surface of the coat, keeping your puppy warm and dry.

The Carhartt Pet Firm Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat is perfect for dogs that don’t have a thick undercoat because it provides warmth through the quilted taffeta nylon lining. The other material is made of 100% ring-spun cotton in canvass weave, making it a durable and high-quality material for repelling water.

It’s comfortable, high quality, durable, and fits snuggly with the adjustable neck and chest straps.

There’s only one thing pet owners need to be careful about. You’d have to read the washing and cleaning instructions carefully and follow them to a tee. If you throw it in the washing machine and do not follow its washing and care instructions, you might shrink the coat since it’s made of 100% ring spun cotton, which is a natural fabric, and it will become too small for your dog.

2. Bestseller: HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho



  • Lightweight and easy to fold for storage
  • Made of 100% polyester material with waterproof coating
  • It covers your dog from head to booty
  • Adjustable straps for a good fit
  • The Hood as a hole behind for a leash to stick through
  • Easy to put on


  • Chest straps are too short for larger dogs like adult Pitbulls
  • Waterproofing coating wears off after frequent use

This raincoat poncho is a bestselling dog raincoat that meets the needs of all sizes and breeds of dogs. It comes in 14 prints and colors and is made of 100% polyester that completely wicks away liquids from the coat’s surface.

Here are the HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho’s features:

1. Made of 100% Polyester Material

The raincoat poncho is made of 100% polyester material. This poncho features bright yellow color, and it has a reflective trim that allows your canine to be visible to drivers and other people at night.

100% polyester material means it is entirely water-repellant and not absorbent, keeping your dry pet underneath. The polyester material is also coated with a waterproof coating for added wicking ability.

2. Covers Your Dog from Head to Booty

The shawl features a hoodie long enough to cover your dog’s entire length up to the booty and down the body covering the upper part of the legs. The adjustable strap is high enough to interfere with your dog’s ability to urinate or poop.

3. Adjustable Strap

The straps on the chest are adjustable with velcro closure. You can choose to close them for a fit snug or loosen them up a little for more ease and comfort.

4. Easy to Pack

The lightweight poncho can be folded into a small piece, making it easy to store in a bag, inside car storage, or in a tote bag for those sudden trips to a store on a gloomy day or when you’re hiking a trail during wet weather.

The HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho is a waterproof dog raincoat for all breeds and sizes. You can choose from 14 different prints and colors and dimensions from small to XL, which means it fits even larger breeds.


The raincoat completely covers your dog from head to booty and down its upper legs, providing full coverage under the rain. It’s easy to put on and lightweight, so even if your dog has a thick undercoat, they will remain comfortable and dry with this raincoat. It’s great for hiking or camping during rainy days or when there’s a sudden burst of rain.


However, some users have reported that the straps are too short for their large dogs or dogs with large bellies. Some users have also reported that after they purchase the raincoat after a few months or a year, the waterproof coating material wasn’t so efficient anymore, with rain seeping through the material and causing their dog to get wet.

3. RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho



  • Made of lightweight, water-resistant taffeta shell
  • It comes in a wide range of print and colors
  • Easy to put on
  • Adjustable straps
  • Cover dog’s head with a hoodie
  • Great for long-haired dogs that don’t need much insulation


  • The Hood falls to the back because it’s so lightweight
  • The material is thin, so you have to be careful when you wash it

This dog poncho by RC Pet Products comes in various prints and colors and has seven sizes to accommodate all dog breeds and all sizes. It’s lightweight, easy to put on, and features adjustable Velcro straps for comfort and ease of snug and fit.

1. Made of Lightweight Taffeta Shell

Taffeta is a material that’s made of 100% polyester. It is naturally water-resistant and lightweight enough, even for dogs with thick undercoats. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and prints for a cute look on your dog as you walk to the park, around the street, or when you’re doing errands with your pet canine.

2. Adjustable Velcro Waistband

You can adjust the straps on the chest, so it fits snugly on your dog. It’s easy to adapt and remove to give you and your dog convenience ease of use.

3. It comes with a Carrying Pouch.

The shawl is so lightweight that you can fold it into a small piece and place it inside a vinyl-carrying pouch that comes with the product. You can attach the bag to a leash, or you can even tuck it into your pocket. It’s that light and small once folded.

This is perfect for anyone who plans on taking your dog to a park or beach, and it might be gloomy, or it’s the rainy season.

The RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho is a lightweight dog raincoat that’s easy to carry with you. You can even fold it into a small piece and place it in your pocket as you take your dog out for a stroll on a dreary day or if the weather forecast predicts rain.

There’s a hole behind the Hood for a leash to go through, and the adjustable straps are easy to adjust for your dog’s comfort.

While the raincoat’s advantage is the material, it’s also the reason why some users have complained about the product. It’s so lightweight that careful washing and cleaning must be done. It’s not advisable to throw it in a washing machine because it’s a delicate material. You need to handwash the raincoat to clean it.

Users have also complained that it would fall back with the slightest bit of wind when they put the Hood on.

How to Fit Your Dog for a Raincoat

While buying a raincoat for your dog online is easy and convenient, you might need a few tips about choosing the size of the dog rain jacket as not all products have the exact sizing. You would need to measure your dog with a measuring tape to get the right fit.

Here are some tips for doing so:

1. Chest Girth

This is important because it will determine the right fit for your dog. If your dog has a big belly, you might need a raincoat that has longer straps.

Measure your dog’s chest circumference from the chest’s widest point, just behind their front legs.

2. Neck Girth

A raincoat’s fit on the neck is essential for comfort, and if it’s too snug on your dog, chances are, your puppy won’t like wearing a raincoat. Please measure your dog’s neck circumference by placing a measuring tape around the fullest part of his neck, right below the collar.

3. Length

You’d also need a raincoat that covers your dog’s entire length, from his neck down to his booty. Please measure your dog’s distance from the neck to the top of his tail.

4. If Your Measurement is Between Sizes

If your measurement is between sizes, always choose the bigger size for maximum fit and comfort. A raincoat that’s too tight will not only make your dog uncomfortable, but it won’t provide the necessary coverage your dog needs from rain.

Most companies do have a size guide, but it’s always good to have a tape measure handy to guarantee that the dog raincoat you purchase online will fit your dog once it arrives at your doorstep.

For dogs with thick undercoats, they might not need a fleece-lined dog coat or lined with a thick material as they will feel uncomfortable with how warm the coat is. For those with short undercoats, a dog raincoat that makes them dry and warm is the better option.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t have plans on walking your dog when the weather is gloomy or when it’s a little rainy outside, then your pet canine probably won’t need a raincoat.

But, if you walk your dog at night, if you need to walk him during the rainy season, and if you’re always hiking, camping, or heading to a park at any time of the year, then a dog raincoat will be handy in keeping your dog dry and healthy.

Remember that a wet dog is not only inconvenient for your dog, but it can affect his health, too.

Dog raincoats are inexpensive and easy to carry around, making them convenient, affordable, and the best protection your dog needs when spending time outdoors during wet weather, on a gloomy day, or when the weather forecast predicts showers.

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