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Named after the naturalist Charles Darwin, this company based out of Seattle, Washington, got its roots when the owner was advised by a holistic veterinarian to heal his sick dog with raw pet food. He noticed that the change was very effective and decided to start a business for owners that wanted the benefit of a healthy diet for their cats and dogs but maybe did not have the time to commit to preparing meals for their furry friends.

The company is dedicated to utilizing the latest trends in science and makes use of new research and information on animal instincts to produce the best food options available. The higher-ups claim that after 30 days of using their meals and recipes, you will find a revived and livelier dog.

If you are newly introducing your pet to eating raw, Darwin’s offers consultation services to help you understand how to transition to a raw diet. And since each animal has different conditions and needs, the pertinent meats to cure your pet and the appropriate amount and how often to give them. You can call or order online.

There is a calculator and quiz on the website to help you determine what is recommended exactly with regards to the stage of life, activity level, and the ideal weight. Food packages are prepared and tailored to the specific needs of your dog and shipped frozen. Once it is delivered, just thaw and serve. Simple!

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How Darwin’s Works

Simply Brilliant

darwins natural pet food

1. Craft

We take fresh, all-natural ingredients to craft your pet’s meals
darwins natural cat food

2. Choose

You choose your subscription, customizing varieties and order size
darwins raw food

3. Deliver

We deliver your pet’s raw meals right to your door
darwins raw pet food

4. Defrost

You defrost the day’s meals in the provided thaw tub in your refrigerator
natural pet products

5. Enjoy

Serve it up in a non-porous pet bowl for your healthier, happier pet

What Is Raw Dog Food?

raw food for dogs

Raw food is presented and eaten in its natural state. Unlike the raw diet for humans, which is associated with veganism (so fruits and vegetables), pet varieties include uncooked meats, edible bones, and animal organs that have not been exposed to heat over 104–118°F (40–48°C). It is unrefined, unpasteurized, and unprocessed and has not been treated with chemicals or pesticides.

Cooking at high temperatures or high pressure breaks down most of the vital nutrients in food. Often, synthetic additives are used as a replacement, but even these are not easily processed and absorbed during digestion. Not to mention, cheaper ingredients like grains and fillers added to boost calorie intake are linked to chronic disease in high consumption.

Typical canned, bagged, or dried, pet food may seem sound when you read the label, especially if it is marketed as grain-free. But it can be full of preservatives that maximize shelf life. They compromise the health of your pet and are formulated for the convenience of the owners.

Darwin’s offers the option of “real food” to promote the well-being of your beloved canine. Both their cat and dog meals are complete to meet the guidelines of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for feline and canine nutrition. What’s more, it’s delicious, and dogs love it!

Inspired by Nature, Informed by Science

Top-quality ingredients

Top-quality ingredients, consciously sourced from farms we trust

darwins natural pet products
Recipes formulated under the guidance of veterinary nutritionists to fit your pet’s ancestral diet
natural pet supplies
Minimally processed meals to preserve the bioavailability of vital nutrients

Why Your Dog Needs Darwin’s Raw Food

Darwin’s promises only high-quality fresh meats and vegetables. They abstain from soy and by-products and only use quality ingredients. Each dog meal is composed 75% of meat and only 25% of vegetables. They keep a single type of meat per encasement to help identify and control any allergies. It is treated with minimal processing and is instead immediately frozen to maintain freshness.

Over time, dogs and other domesticated animals have adjusted to fit our lifestyles. It is believed that dogs are best fed similar to when they ran free hunting and scavenging, feasting on wild and fatty organ and muscle meat with some vegetables thrown in, contrary to the mixed and processed pellets of kibble, normally given to a pooch in modern days.

Of course, pouring a portion of dry food or quickly scooping out a spill from a tin is much easier than preparing fresh meals. But, research reinforces the idea that the ancestral diet, which mimics the eating habits of ancient canines, is the optimal approach for catering to man’s best friend. Their digestive system is evolved for whole foods in their natural form.

And similar to humans, make sure to feed your canine a variety of choices throughout the week to keep their diet healthy and balanced. You don’t want to feed your pet the same food every day.

For over 15 years, they’ve served 25 million fresh, raw meals to dogs and cats across the country.

Here are some benefits you can look forward to:


  • Healthier skin and shinier coat
  • A reduction in allergies and reactions to adverse foods
  • Stronger teeth, healthier gums, and better breath
  • Weight control
  • Increased energy
  • Better mood
  • Healthier urinary tract

Darwins Natural Selections Table
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How Much Does Raw Feeding Cost?

Expect the raw food diet to be more expensive than purchasing manufactured goods, so keep in mind that this option is not about saving. Whether you purchase Darwin’s meals or use fresh A-grade ingredients to prepare recipes, the price can be a big budget.

Darwins Natural Selections

Natural Selections

Their first-tier recipes of premium free-range meats and organic vegetables are made without steroids, antibiotics, and hormones.

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BioLogics raw food dog


This economical recipe of raw dog food uses the same formula as Natural Selections, the premium recipe, except using quality, conventional ingredients without fillers or preservatives.

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Darwins Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

These meals are designed by veterinarians to treat dogs with specific health conditions using the highest quality meats and organic vegetables — zero grains, fillers, or chemical preservatives. These special meals are only available with a prescription.

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Minimally processed, fresh, raw pet food.

The Consideration of Raw Dog Food

Because you are eliminating the step of cooking, which usually kills any harmful bacteria in the food, there are small but notable microbial risks when handling and consuming raw meat. Some professionals believe the chance of acquiring salmonella is about the same with raw or canned food, but good hygiene techniques and logical safety measures should keep you and your pet safe. Washing your hands before and after touching the products and cleaning dishes used and food preparation surfaces properly should be enough.

There are other things to consider when preparing recipes at home. Chewing on bones is excellent for dental health, but certain animal bones like that of fish can break into splinters. Heavier or marrow-free bones are extra tough and could cause damage to brittle teeth.

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The Proteins and Pricing

Proteins are a key part of an animal’s menu.


This lean meat is a good source of vitamin B, amino acids, and potassium and is excellent for building strong muscles and bones.


Packed with minerals like zinc, selenium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, pantothenate, magnesium, and potassium, this meat is good for healing and restoring tissue. The iron in beef is crucial for the production of hemoglobin and combating anemia.


Rich in selenium, in moderation, turkey helps to prevent certain kinds of cancer, regulates blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and manages blood sugar with diabetes.


This high-protein, delicious red meat is filled with healthy unsaturated fats, iron, and vitamin E.


Filled with omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fats, this poultry supports your immune, nervous and muscular system. It aids cognitive functions and hormone production.

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Pet owners who have made the switch to Darwin’s raw food products noticed positive changes in their dog, claiming the new diet alleviated and even cured symptoms of arthritis, alopecia, psoriasis, diabetes, and even simple aging. Some noticed their older dogs come alive with youth and vitality. Tired, sickly pups became happy and healthy with beautiful gleaming coats of fur. Also, the dogs seemed to really enjoy devouring their meals, which is the most important benefit of raw pet diets.

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