how to communicate with your dog telepathically

Dogs are highly sensitive creatures. They seem to know when their owner is not having a great day, or not feeling well, or when something major is about to happen.

Could it be because they can sense things that we humans can’t? Or do they know their owner so well that they can read whenever something’s up?

Well, for pet psychics, they say that dogs can actually communicate with humans telepathically.

What is Telepathy?

To understand how dogs can communicate from mind to mind, we have to understand what telepathy is.

Telepathy is defined as a direct communication between two living creatures on a level that’s beyond the five senses.

It’s like being able to talk to another person or animal without having to use language or movement.

Telepathy is simply the exchange of conscious thoughts between two living beings.

We all know about telepathy between humans but telepathy between humans and animals is something that has only come to popularity in recent years, despite many pet psychics having existed for many, many years.

A type of psychic ability, human to animal telepathy is also known as interspecies telepathic communication. People who have the ability to communicate with animals with their mind are not limited to a number of animals, such as dogs or cats, but they can communicate with almost any kind of animal companions.

Think Doctor Doolittle, the character created by author Hugh Lofting, who could “talk to animals” using the English language.

Telepathic communication with animals, however, do not take the form of the English language, or any language for that matter.

What is Dog Telepathy?

Dog telepathy is defined as having the ability to communicate with dogs but without using words or body language.

Dogs are naturally sensitive to changes in the environment. In fact, dogs have always been regarded as highly intelligent beings.

Historically, dogs have also been seen as having extrasensory powers.

It is very common for dogs to start howling and barking when a natural disaster is about to strike, such as a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake that’s about to occur.

It is believed that their senses are more heightened than humans, allowing them to detect changes around them that humans can’t.

So it is no surprise that dogs have the capacity to be able to communicate with only their mind, and have the ability to “talk” to humans telepathically.

Can You Talk to Your Dog Telepathically?

Now that you know dogs have the ability to communicate using only their mind, can you actually “talk” to them telepathically.

According to Penelope Smith, one of the most recognized animal communicators in the world and considered a pioneer in the industry, says that every human is born with the inborn ability to talk to animals telepathically.

Children have a unique ability to sense the emotions and needs of dogs, and form strong bonds with their pets. Smith believes it is because children can talk to animals beyond the five senses.

This natural ability disappears as we grow older, as we are more exposed to scientific explanations rather than believing in our natural intuitive knowledge.

Since humans have the innate ability to send and receive information from animals beyond the five senses, it is believed that we can revive this ability, relearning it with practice.

So yes, anyone can communicate with animals, if you have the desire to do so with your pet dog, then the following guide will help you reignite your inborn animal telepathic ability.

How to Talk To Your Dog Telepathically

The Foundation

Penelope Smith believes that one of the foundational skills of talking to animals telepathically is to keep still and be quiet.

Be present and think of only what’s in front of you. Let go of any thoughts, problems, issues, or any chores that you’re about to do. Be still, be quiet, and be present.

You can meditate to calm and relax your mind and body. Do anything that can calm you down and remove distractions around you.

The Steps


Step 1: Believe In Your Ability

Once your mind is quiet, it is time to believe in your own ability to actually talk to your dog. Without this belief, anything you will do will be worthless. You have to truly believe in yourself that you can communicate with your dog telepathically.

Create a mantra as you meditate, which will help you relax and absorb the energy that you’re creating.


Step 2: Pick a Good Time

Pick a good time to practice talking to your dog. It could be at the end of the day when you’re both settled and relaxed. Both of you have to be comfortable and relaxed so that no blockages are in the way of your communication.

You also have to be emotionally neutral - you’re not feeling sad, not feeling hyped, or scared. Just be calm and believe.


Step 3: Start Visualizing

 With your dog in the room, start visualizing the message you want to send to your dog. Dogs or any animal for that matter do not speak our language.

In fact, they don’t speak in words. They communicate in images and emotions. So talk their language and when you send them a message, use images, feelings, or a sequence of events.

So for example, you want to “tell” your dog that you’re about to go for a walk. Visualize taking your dog’s leash and putting it on his collar. Imagine the feeling of touching the leash, walking towards your dog, and the clicking sound of the collar interlocking the leash.

Imagine what your dog will do:
Will your dog’s tail waggle?
Will he start pouncing about?
Will he start barking in excitement?

Open your eyes and look at your dog:
Is he wagging his tail?
Does he look excited?

If he is, then you just might’ve had communicated with him telepathically with your visualization.


Step 4: Practice With Your Dog’s Favorite Toy

Close your eyes and imagine you asking your dog to get his favorite toy and to place it in your hands. Imagine where the toy is placed, how your dog will get it, and imagine your dog placing it on your hands.

If your dog suddenly stands up and looks for his favorite toy, then you have successfully communicated with your dog telepathically.


Step 5: Treat Them with Care

When dogs display behavior problems, most often than not, there’s a communication problem with the dog owner.

The dog may not like the food the owner is feeding him, or the dog is not getting attention, or any kind of issue, so they start acting out. Sometimes, dog owners don’t have the time nor the right attitude to be able to communicate properly with their pet.

As dog owners, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to take care of his or her pet. Simply owning one, feeding it, and letting it roam around the house is not enough. You really have to nurture it, become its family, and take care of it to be able to provide their much needed care.

You have to be humble to be able to communicate with them properly. A lot of people view dogs as mere animals, as mere pets or property. This shouldn’t be the case. You have to treat your pet dog with the love and care that you would show and give to an actual family member.

When you see them as more than just animals to feed, you will form a strong bond and this bond can lead to greater potential to be able to communicate with them using only your mind.


Step 6: Practice and Practice

You might not always get it right the first time, or you can. Whether you succeed or not, if you have the desire to learn animal talk, then you have to give it time. You need to practice and practice and exercise.

Do not give up with your first failed attempt. Remember that you have the inborn ability to talk to your dog telepathically.

Give it time and patience, and in no time, you will be surprised with how much you can actually talk to your animal friends.

The Bottom Line

The ability to speak to an animal without using words or body language is a gift. Getting to know an animal’s personality is a wonderful experience as you are entering their world that’s full of empathy towards human beings.

Lay down the foundations of your telepathic ability, spend quality time with your dog, and create a strong bond. The more you get to know your dog, the more your will understand them, and the easier it will be to be able to communicate with them using only the thoughts in your head.

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