You come home from a gruelling day at work and all you want to do is sit on your couch and watch TV until you fall asleep. But alas, once you open the door, you see your beloved pet Labrador sprawled out on your sofa. You tell her to move but she growls – uh oh! Where do you sit now? On the floor?

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The X-Mat Foldable Training Mat might just be what you need. The simplest and easiest way to keep your pets off of your favourite furniture, it’s a great tool to teach them to respect the boundaries you create in your home.


What is the X-Mat Foldable Training Mat?


The training mat is specifically made to deter pets from your favourite chair, your living room couch, your bed, tables, kitchen counters, and just about anywhere you don’t want them to be.

The mat’s dimensions are 18″ x 18″ x 12,” and is packed with raised bumps that are ultra uncomfortable to sensitive paws. You can fold the plastic mat in half when you want to store it, occupying very little space.

All you have to do is simply place the mat on any surface and when your pet happens to touch the bumps, he or she will understand that the area is unpleasant or uncomfortable. Using the psychology of conditioning or negative reinforcement, when your pet realizes that lying down or even placing their paws on a certain area yields adverse results, then they’ll learn to stay away from the space.

If your pet has always loved taking her naps on your super comfortable computer chair, placing the mat will help to condition your pet’s fear of the chair’s unpleasant surface. But of course, don’t forget to remove the mat once you decide to actually use the chair yourself.




Here is a breakdown of the advantages of using the X-Mat Foldable Training Mat:

  • Portable – You can pretty much place it in on any surface, wherever you want. It’s also lightweight and durable so there’s no problem if you carry it from one area of the house to another.
  • Easy to Use – Simply unfold the mat and place on any furniture or surface.
  • Easy to Clean – You only need to use soap and water to get rid of dirt or dust.
  • Effective – No surface of the mat is comfortable – once you leave it on your bed or sofa and once your pet happens to reach over, they will definitely understand it’s not a good place to sit or sleep.
  • Safer than an Electric Mat – Electric dog-repellent mats are popular but they’re not very safe. They use actual electricity and send electronic pulses throughout your pet’s body. With the X-Mat, you don’t need anything else but the mat itself.




Of course, like anything else, there are always disadvantages to using the mat, which are:

  • Covers only a Small Area – At 18″ wide, it doesn’t exactly cover a large area. One mat is maybe good enough to cover a chair or a bedside table, but that’s it. Pets can still find a comfortable place outside of the mat if they wish.
  • Need to Buy More to Cover Bed or Sofa – If you don’t want your pet to sleep on your or your children’s bed, then you’d need to buy more than one mat to cover more area.
  • Reports of pets actually being comfortable enough to lie down on the mat exist, with a pet owner even saying her pet uses it to get a “massage.”


Who Is It Good For?


If you don’t want to find your pet sleeping or lying comfortably on your furniture, then this is a great tool. It’s not painful and does not cause any suffering, unlike electric mats, which makes it a safer option.

If you have kids living in the house, the mat is also ideal for you versus electric mats where kids can accidentally get slightly electrocuted.


The Bottom Line


The X-Mat Foldable Training Mat prevents cats and dogs from exploring your favourite furniture or any area in the house where you don’t want your pet to go walking or lazing around. It’s a simple and easy solution to teach them about boundaries, and it works fast – creating a fear and eventually creating a learned behaviour that won’t need the mat in the future.

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