When you take in a new puppy, one of the most important skills you’d want it to learn is to relieve itself in a certain spot. Teaching a dog new tricks is well, tricky (forgive the pun). To help your pooch develop this all-important skill, the All-Absorb Training Pads is the perfect solution.

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What is the All-Absorb Training Pads?


The All-Absorb Training Pads are meant to be used for dogs to relieve themselves while indoors or when you’re inside your home. The dimensions of the pads are 22″ x 23″, which is pretty big for a puppy under 10 pounds. What you do is simply place the pads in a certain spot and teach your dog to relieve himself in this designated area. You can also place the pad in your car when you’re traveling.

These All-Absorb Training Pads are currently the best selling in the market and for good reason. Let’s take a look at the features:


1. Super Absorbent Core


Just like doggy diapers, the pads’ training core turns urine into gel in an instant. When your puppy does his business, the pad won’t feel wet to the touch, which means it stays comfortable enough to still sit on. The entire pad can hold up to 3 cups of liquid, making one pad enough for several uses. It won’t leak, too. You’ll know you need to change it when the pad becomes heavy and the entire surface turns to gel.


2. Contains 5 Layers of Materials


  • 1st Layer – Features a non-woven cloth that allows urine to flow through the absorbent core immediately.
  • 2nd Layer – Consists of paper tissue, baking soda, and dog attractant.
  • 3rd Layer – Consists of a mix of super absorbent polymer pulp and fluff pulp, which makes up the absorbent core.
  • 4th Layer – Consists of paper tissue.
  • 5th Layer – Features water-proof PE film, which prevents liquid from seeping to the floor.


3. Comfortable Pad Surface

The pad surface is made of different levels of small bumps that make it comfortable for dogs to sit or lie on. Your dog can literally take naps on the pad and still stay dry.



  • Quick Drying – Once your pooch urinates on the pad, it dries immediately so it stays comfortable for them to sit on. It’s also good to know that in case you accidentally step on the pad, urine won’t seep through your toes.
  • Large Size – The pads are big enough to accommodate small to medium-size dogs, and big enough for your puppies to roll around in.
  • Teaches Your Puppy to Pee in a Designated Spot – Allows you to teach your dog this skill fast.
  • Pads Can be Placed Anywhere – Place them on floors, in your car, or even on your furniture such as sofas and beds.
  • Features an Odor Neutralizer that Prevents Unpleasant Urine Smell in Your Home or Car



  • The pads are lightweight despite having 5 layers, and they easily move around with a slight breeze.
  • The pads are very attractive for chewing – some pet owners reported the pads turned into shreds easily after their dogs started chewing on them.
  • There’s no actual indicator that tells you the pad is filled with urine, so there’s a possibility that you might forget how long you placed it on the floor and it starts shredding on its own.


Who Is it Good For?

It’s ideal to use for pet owners who want to train their dogs or cats to relieve themselves on a specific spot. If you want your puppy to move around inside your home, then the training pads are a great solution to keep them indoors without worrying about cleaning up after them.

If you’re traveling with your dog and staying at a hotel, the pads are also a great solution to keep your hotel room clean and sanitary. It’s not ideal for larger breed dogs or for defecating.


The Bottom Line

If you have a new puppy, the training pads are a great way to teach the skill of relieving themselves in a specific spot. Training your dog to do this takes time, and these All-Absorb Training Pads are an affordable and simple solution.

They’re great for dogs under 10 pounds, and provides the perfect relief if you have a busy career or taking care of other family members in the house since you won’t take so much time cleaning after the family pet.


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