If you’ve decided to give dog wraps a try, then you’d want to use only the best. Wiki Wags’ dog disposable diapers are the original and pioneering wraps that changed the industry.

An award-winning product from one of the best manufacturers in the world, their wraps are patent-pending, featuring a revolutionary “lock-in” technology that wicks away liquids and moisture from your dog’s skin and fur.

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What is the Wiki Wags Dog Disposable Wrap?


Wiki Wags started it all – they are the pioneering company to create dog disposable wraps, and makers of the first and only patent-pending belly band made specifically for the male dog anatomy.

They’re ultra comfortable and fit just right, and offering sizes that range from extra small to large – accommodating varied sizes and breeds of dogs.



1. An Advanced “Lock-in” Technology

The most important thing about dog wraps is absorbency. The reason why you want to use them on your dog in the first place is to prevent dog pee from getting on your furniture, carpet, bed, or anywhere inside your home. If the diapers leak, then what’s the use?

Wiki Wags uses an extra absorbent technology that guarantees no dog marking or leak will occur while the belly band is put on.


2. Designed Exclusively for the Male Dog

Let’s face it, not all dogs are made the same – and the distinction is made even clearer in terms of the needs of male and female dogs. Male dogs need taller wraps because of the placement of their genitals, where the belly also needs to be covered. Wiki Wags is the only brand in the market to achieve a patent-pending technology to address this important feature.


3. Complete Stay Dry Solution

Don’t you just hate the smell of pee on your dog’s fur? With Wiki Wags, this won’t ever be a problem. Why? Because of the wicking ability of the wrap – which draws moisture away from the body – keeping your dog’s fur dry and odor – free.



  • easy to use
  • ultra absorbent
  • specifically made for the male dog
  • comes in many sizes
  • disposable – simply throw away after use
  • comfortable enough to stay on your dog the entire day
  • leak-proof
  • velcro can be reattached



  • comes loose easily due to the velcro tabs
  • more expensive than most brands


Who Is it Good For?

The wraps are great for dogs who are yet to be trained, for elderly dogs that can’t control themselves, or for excitable dogs that suffer from urination accidents.

They’re great for dog owners who want to prevent their dogs from marking their furniture and areas of the house, for anyone who wants a quick solution when training is not yet an option, and for anyone who’s willing to shell out some more money for top quality.


The Bottom Line

When you want the best for your dog, there’s no other male dog wraps to use than Wiki Wags. They’re made of the best quality in terms of comfort and absorbency, and they’re super comfortable, which allows your dog to move around completely without any restriction.

Simply put the belly band around your dog while he’s standing, and voila! After several hours, you can check the diaper, throw it out once it’s full, and put another one on – it’s fast, easy, and simple.


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