where should dogs sleep at night

If you’re a new dog parent, you might be wondering where to let your dog sleep at night time. Do you put them in a crate? Or how about a dog bed? Or should they sleep with you in your bed?

Well, the truth is, there is no right or wrong answer to these questions. The correct answer lies in your preference and the preference of your dog. You can have them sleep in a crate inside your bedroom or another room in the house, or you can have them sleep beside you in bed.

However, some things need to be considered, such as the puppy’s age, personality, and needs. So let’s take a look at what you, as a dog parent, would need to consider when choosing a place for your dog to sleep at night.

Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

1. Dog Crate

A dog crate is an ideal space for a young puppy to sleep in. You can place a crate beside your bed to serve as a middle ground between sleeping on the floor and sleeping beside you.

A dog crate is perfect for puppies because they still need to be trained. They can cause trouble in your home by biting your shoes, breaking household items, and disrupting your sleep at night.

A crate provides a cozy and snug place for your puppy to sleep in, and when it’s closed, they won’t quickly get out in the middle of the night and cause a mess in your room. However, a crate can also be noisy if your puppy tends to move a lot at night. The puppy can also be anxious if they are not used to sleeping in one.

If you have an older dog, you can also use a crate on the floor for him to sleep in. You can leave the gate open for him to come in and out. Remember that an adult dog can sleep an average of 17 hours a day, so sleeping is a big part of their daily lives. Having a snug crate for your pet to sleep in whenever they want is perfect for them.

A crate can also be helpful when you travel or when you move houses. Dogs can get anxious and stressed when you move to a new home, which can cause them to act destructive and aggressive. When your dog has been used to sleeping in a crate, you can quickly bring the crate with you to your new home and not have to deal with a stressful new sleeping spot for your pet.

2. Dog Bed

A dog bed can range anywhere from a memory foam dog bed or a few blankets bundled together to make a cozy bed. If you have a trained dog, you can place it on the floor or outside your bedroom.

A dog bed, however, is not ideal for untrained puppies. This is because they are free to roam around and can cause a mess in your room, especially at night.

A dog bed is an excellent spot for your adult dog to sleep in since they naturally gravitate towards a particular space. Whether you give them a dog bed or not, they will most likely choose a specific spot in your home, so it’s easy to train them to sleep in a bed if you choose to provide them with one.

A trained or adult dog who sleeps in a crate would also benefit from a dog bed placed inside.

3. Your Bed

Having your dog sleep beside you in bed can have advantages, such as lessening your dog’s separation anxiety, making you sleep better, and helping your dog relax if they are anxious. If your dog has been sick, recovering from an injury or surgery, sleeping next to you in your bed can also help hasten their recovery.

However, it may not be the ideal place for your dog to sleep in if he is a dominant dog. They will take most of the space in your bed, move around like it’s their, and you’ll end up sleep-deprived.

For dominant dogs, a dog bed placed in your room or a different room in the house is a better option.

Should Your Dog Sleep Inside or Outside at Night-Time?

Again, this all depends on the preference and other factors that include age and personality. If you have an adult dog that’s used to sleeping outside your home, then having him sleep in a dog bed on the floor, such as on a patio, is perfectly fine. Many dog breeds can withstand cool or warm temperatures outdoors, so if he is used to it and prefers it, it’s perfectly okay for him to sleep outside.

If you have a puppy, it would be better to have them sleep in a crate inside your bedroom as they learn to bond with you, as you potty-train them, and teach discipline.

Ideally, though, dogs should sleep inside with their pet parents because dogs are social creatures. They love being around their pet parents and prefer to sleep inside. But again, there are always exceptions.


If you’re unsure about where your dog should sleep at night, then don’t worry; as mentioned, there is no right or wrong answer to this. It all boils down to you and your dog’s preference and needs.

If you can’t sleep through the night as your dog tosses and turns in a crate, or if he is rolling around you, then you should place his spot outside your bedroom, such as in your living room or another room in the house. If you love cuddling with your pet in bed, then having them sleep beside you is also ideal.

Though there are pros and cons to all choices of sleeping spots for you and your pet, such as having so much fur in your bed or the risk of your dog bringing parasites, as well as a puppy housebreaking if you let them sleep in a dog bed, choosing the perfect sleeping spot for your dog at night shouldn’t be a problem.

You can try a crate, dog bed, or your bed as long as both of you feel safe and comfortable throughout the night.

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