Doggie Crates are an absolute necessity for dog owners. They are not only a suitable resting place and living area for your dog but are also a neccesary tool when teaching a dog to differentiate a dog living area from a dog potty area.

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This particular dog crate has a measurement of 24L X 18W X 19H inches and is ideal for dogs ranging in weight from 11 to 25 pounds. Its other features include a single door and a fold and carry configuration for portability. Additionally, this crate has plastic carrying handles, a divider panel, a composite plastic pan and a secure slide bolt.

Midwest iCrate Pet Crates




  • Easy to carry

This crate features a fold and carry configuration hence is easy to carry when travelling with your dog or moving to a new home. Additionally, it is made from lightweight materials making it easily movable.


  • Safety and security

It features safe and secure slide bolt latches and non-sharp round corner edges. Not only can you keep your dog safely confined but you are also invulnerable to harm when cleaning or moving the crate.


  • User Friendly

This crate has a satin black electro-coat finish making it insusceptible to rust hence is durable. Additionally, it has a removable and easily washable plastic pan that can you can easily clean in case your dog accidentally pees or defecates in the crate.

Furthermore, the simple fold and carry configuration means you can easily set it up without requiring any expertise or specialised tools. This crate also has plastic carrying handles which make it easy to carry the crate around when in folded position. This means you can easily store it or pack it with your luggage without much hassle.


  • Convenient for different dog sizes

It features a divider panel that enables you to adjust the living area of your dog as it grows. Therefore your dog can have a consistent living area from its early days as a puppy to when it fully matures to a grown dog.

It is pertinent to keep in mind that if you provide a small dog with too much living space, it will urinate and defecate at one end and sleep/rest on the other end.


  • Comfortable for dogs

The crate is spacious enough height-wise hence enables your dog to play around and freely move within its living space. This ensures that your dog does not feel caged and that in time it begins feeling at home within the crate.




  • Can only house one dog

If you have more than one dog then this is not an ideal crate. Although it has a divider panel, it only has one door making it unsuitable for more than one dog. This is because for two dogs to peacefully coexist within the same crate, they require independent doors.



This crate is suitable for you if;

  • You are still potty training your dog. This is because you can buy this crate together with a fitting doggy pads so that incase the dog accidentally eliminates in the crate, you will not have difficulty cleaning.
  • Good for dog owners who own newly born puppies that are not old enough to control their bladder hence are still not potty trained.
  • Appropriate for dogs suffering from urinary incontinence or dogs that are unwell. Such dogs need to rest and cannot control their elimination urges. The pet owner simply uses doggy pads fitted in the crate to keep the dog comfortable until it recovers.

This crate has an impressive consumer ranking of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars on Amazon. Apart from the inability to house more than one dog, most consumers are satisfied with this crate’s functionality.

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