If you are a pet owner who is in search of a dog potty area that can either be placed indoors or outdoors then this is a viable option for you. Some of its main features include a weight of ten pounds, a measurement of 24.75 by 21 making it one of the largest disposable grass potties in the market.

It consists of a cardboard and natural hydroponic grass. It is sold by renowned pet product suppliers Doggie Lawn.

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DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty




  • Easy to use

This doggy lawn is completely disposable. It also exudes no odor and no demanding cleaning unless of defecation which can easily be removed using tissue paper. This dog potty is convenient both for indoor and outdoor use as the natural hydroponic grass readily absorbs urine unlike fake grass which holds liquids. This makes potty time a breeze because dogs are more receptive to potty areas that are clean and airy. 

  • Eco-friendly

All the materials used in manufacturing this dog potty are natural hence environmentally friendly and easy to dispose.

  • Multipurpose

This disposable dog potty is not only viable for dogs but also usable for other pets such as cats and rabbits. Therefore, even if you are not a dog owner this is a product that can come in handy.

  • Perfect for playtime

This product is not only suitable as a potty area but also as a playground for your dog. The hydroponic grass is soft and durable hence the dog can have fun and play on this doggy lawn. Therefore, in spite of the weather your dog can still play and remain active indoors without the risk making a mess.

  • Light

This doggy lawn weighs only 10 pounds therefore easy to carry if you are moving to a new home or travelling to visit a friend. Keep in mind that for a dog to maintain its potty training it has to keep up its normal routine whether you are visiting or travelling, this easy to carry dog potty makes that possible.




  • A main disadvantage of the doggy lawn disposable dog potty is that its durability depends on the weather if it is placed outdoors and the frequency of use. If your dog is super active then there is a real chance that this lawn will not last long.




  1. This doggy lawn is suitable for a pet owner who is potty training a dog and still needs a dog potty area that a dog can easily identify.
  2. For a pet owner with an incontinent dog which pees frequently. This will serve as a good indoor dog potty because of its absorbent and odorless qualities. Instead staining the house in effort to reach the outdoor potty area a dog owner can strategically place this lawn in the house.
  3. Suitable for pet owners with super active dogs that play at all times of the day including night time. Such dogs need an indoor playground and this lawn is a great option to prevent your dog from making a mess.
  4. Suitable for pet owners who are busy and cannot manage hectic cleaning routines.

If you are in the market for a playground or potty for your dog, then The Doggie Lawn Disposable Dog Potty is a great product for you.

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