Pet Insurance by Embrace

Mind if we pay your vet bills? Pet insurance gives you the freedom to do the right thing.

Up to 90% Back on Bills at any Vet

Flexible Wellness Plan

Diminishing Deductible

What Pet Coverage They Offer

Embrace offers its Comprehensive Coverage for both dogs and cats and covers unexpected illnesses and accidents. The following are covered by the policy:

  • hospitalization
  • surgery
  • nursing care
  • ER and specialist care
  • breed-specific treatments
  • cancer treatments
  • alternative therapies and
  • rehabilitation
  • diagnostic testing and imaging
  • behavioral therapy
  • prescription drug coverage
  • handicapped dogs or cats
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Wellness Rewards Program

The company also offers their Wellness Rewards product, which is not an insurance policy but covers the following:

  • annual check-ups
  • vaccines
  • heart-worm medications
  • spay/neuter procedures
  • teeth cleaning

Ready to protect your pet?

If you were to choose between sacrificing your savings or your pet’s life, which would you choose? Most people underestimate the cost of vet care, only to realize later on if they had only prepared for their pet’s medical emergencies, they would’ve saved themselves a ton of money and even their beloved pet’s life.

Embrace is a company that strives to help pet parents give their dogs or cats the best medical care they can, without having to sacrifice their life-long, hard-earned money. Offering pet insurance for dogs and cats, they give you the peace of mind that should anything happen, you are assured that proper medical care and procedures will be done without you having to worry about the costs of vet care.

Embrace Pet Insurance Overview

Embrace was founded in 2003 by two graduates from the Wharton MBA Program, Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik. As graduating students, their pet insurance business plan won the Wharton Business Plan Competition, beating out proposals that revolved around technology and biotechnology.
The name “Embrace” represents the emotional bond between pet parents and their pets, which also basically explains what the company is all about. Both founders wanted to change the landscape of the pet insurance industry, but it wasn’t until 2006 that the first policy was purchased after several years of research.

On March 2007, the company’s website was officially launched, and the company has continued to grow, becoming one of the best rated pet insurance companies in the US today.

Embrace offers policies for both dogs and cats, and features a comprehensive plan and an additional product to cover other medical expenses. The policies are underwritten by the American Modern Insurance Group, which is an international insurance company that operates on all areas or industries, and have over 50 locations all over the world.

To enroll , your pet must be below the age of 14 years. Dogs or cats older than the age of 14, can enroll in an accident – only policy, as well as the Wellness Rewards product.

Embrace also offers personalized policies wherein pet owners can choose which coverage they want to have, depending on their pet’s needs.
Embrace is a company that offers an easy-to-understand and comprehensive policy that could save your pet’s life.

Ready to protect your pet?

Pros of Insurance

  • The company’s core values are demonstrated daily within the office and throughout a policy’s life. The company has an A+ rating on BBB.
  • They cover genetic health conditions as long as the illness was not diagnosed before enrollment of the policy.
  • Clients have the freedom to use any licensed vet, unlike other companies where only a select few veterinary clinics are reimbursable.
  • Claims are based on the bills stated by the vet, and not fixed amounts based on a certain condition.
    Policies can be customized depending on your financial budget and your pet’s needs.

Test your dog’s DNA for 170 genetic health conditions!

Cons of Insurance

  • Customers have stated their policy is more expensive than other similar insurance companies in the industry.
  • Customer service has limited hours and can only be reached via phone or email.

Who Is it Good For?

Embrace is recommended for all pet owners as it gives you the peace of mind that you can afford most medical procedures that need to be done in case of medical emergencies or unexpected illnesses. When you don’t have the money to pay for veterinarian care, and when things get worse for your pet, you might have the unfortunate choice of having your pet put down, which is a heavy strain on your family.

As mentioned earlier in this article, most pet owners underestimate the cost of veterinary care, which leaves most people unprepared and caught off guard when bills start coming in. To protect your savings and your pet’s life, enrolling in Embrace’s pet insurance policy can save you from the potential devastation of your pet’s possible medical condition.

The Bottom Line

Embrace is a company that offers an easy-to-understand and comprehensive policy that could save your pet’s life. Their mission of making life easier for you and your pet makes their policy a wise investment you’ll surely be thankful for in the future.
*Please Note: Source of the information below is from EmbracePetInsurance.

How It Works

1. Take your pet to any vet.

2. Complete the claim form.

3. Get reimbursed!

We Answered the most common question people ask!

1. Does Embrace Pet Insurance cover medications?

Yes. Embrace Pet Insurance does cover medications.

This coverage helps ensure that your pet dogs continue to get the care they need even after they leave the vet’s office.

Aside from take-home prescription drugs, their policies also include the following medications:

  • antibiotics
  • allergy medication
  • anxiety medication
  • eye and ear drops
  • insulin and supplies
  • oral chemotherapy drugs
  • pain relievers
  • steroids

Wellness Rewards package

Embrace Pet Insurance offers their Wellness Rewards package, which can be purchased in addition to your Pet Insurance. This addition allows for greater coverage of the medication, which includes:


  • ear cleaning drops
  • flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives
  • medicated shampoos
  • nutritional supplements
  • prescription diet food

2. How does embrace pet insurance work?

Embrace Pet Insurance works around a reimbursement-based model.

Unlike insurance policies for humans, where the coverage is outright at the time of service, Embrace Pet Insurance policies mean you pay the bill at the vet then submit a claim form for reimbursement.

Because of this model, pet parents can bring their furry friends to any vet and any hospital, and receive reimbursement after.

3. Does Embrace pet insurance cover dental cleaning?

No, Embrace Pet Insurance does not cover dental cleaning.

Routine dental care, such as teeth cleaning is not covered in the policy.

Pet health insurance does cover dental problems that result from unexpected accidents and illnesses. The following treatments or dental ailments are covered by the policy:

  • broken, chipped, and fractured teeth
  • extractions
  • gingivitis
  • periodontal disease
  • root canals and crowns
  • stomatitis

Add Wellness Rewards package

If you wish to have dental cleaning covered, you can avail of the Wellness Rewards package, which can be purchased in addition to your policy. Among the treatments covered with the Wellness Rewards package include:

  • annual dental checkups
  • dental chews
  • dietary dental supplements
  • pet toothbrush/toothpaste
  • routine dental cleaning
  • teeth brushing by vet or groomer

4. How does pet insurance know about pre-existing conditions?

Embrace Pet Insurance will know about your dog’s pre-existing condition (if any) through their required documented visit to a vet before you enroll your dog to their policy.

Your pet must be examined and documented by a licensed vet for your dog’s coverage to start. The visit to the veterinarian must be at least 12 months before you purchased the policy.

Once you enroll your pet, you can also avail of the free Medical History Review conducted by the pet insurance company. This ensures that you have knowledge about the conditions that are covered or not by your pet insurance plan.

Many pet owners are not aware of some of the conditions that are not covered by their pet insurance policy. Unlike most pet insurances, Embrace covers curable pre-existing conditions.

To learn more about these conditions, talking to Embrace Pet Insurance customer service will help to give you a clearer and detailed explanation of the curable pre-existing conditions that are covered by your policy.

5. Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

The answer depends on your financial capacity. If you think you are able to afford your pet’s vet bills in case of an unexpected accident or illness, then you don’t need to get your dog insurance policy.

However, if you want to protect your finances in such cases, then pet insurance is definitely worth it.

Take a look at this scenario, for example:

Your dog swallowed a chew toy and needs surgery to take it out. This type of surgery can cost up to $7000. That’s $7000 straight from your pocket.

Now, what if your dog has pet insurance. You paid $400 in annual maximum fees. Your dog then had the surgery where you paid $7000. After you paid for the surgery, you submit a claim form to the insurance company, wherein you are reimbursed 90% of the amount in just 2 days. How much savings did you get?

With pet insurance, you’ll receive $6300 in reimbursement, then deduct the $400 from the cost of the insurance policy, and your total savings would be $5,900.

That’s $5,900 that you could spend on something else, such as your phone bills, groceries, or even the cost of your own insurance policy.

If your pet does not have a medical emergency within the coverage period of your pet’s policy, the benefit you’ll gain is the peace of mind that you have the financial capacity to take care of your dog in times of unexpected illness or accidents.

Many people actually won’t have any other choice but to put their dog down when their pet’s medical bills from veterinary care hit the roof due to a chronic disease or urgent surgery. Do not let this happen to you and your pet.

Pet insurance not only gives you financial savings, but also the peace of mind that you’ll spend longer years with your beloved furry friend.

Pet Insurance Reviews

Seeking out multiple sources of information is essential to any major purchase. To help you decide where to place your trust in insuring your dog or cat we’ve compiled data from top third-party sources.

We’ve taken 3 of the top sources for pet insurance reviews of the best-rated companies and combined them to measure overall customer satisfaction across the internet.

To make it easier to compare we used the grade school standard A-F grading system.

*Please Note: Source of the information below is from EmbracePetInsurance.

Review SiteEmbraceASPCA Pet
Health Insurance
PetplanPets BestTrupanion
Pet Insurance ReviewA-C+A+A-BA-
Overall GradeA-BABBB

*Based on reviews as of January 7th, 2014. *Yelp scores include filtered reviews.

See how these scores were calculated.


Founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau has a mission for helping create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

Although in the case of pet insurance companies, their rating system doesn’t provide much of range in scores, you can use the site to get a feel for how many people have filed complaints, whether or not the company has resolved them and perhaps most beneficial, what type of complaints have been filed. Look for this table:

Complaint Categories:

  • Advertising/Sales Issues
  • Billing/Collection Issues
  • Delivery Issues
  • Guarantee/Warranty Issues
  • Problems with Product/Service

Pet Insurance Review has been around since 2005 and has served as the vanguard for the pet insurance industry. No other site comes close to matching the depth of reviews provided. The review count below and letter grade above is based on each company’s lifetime ratings.

# of Customer Reviews:


  1. Embrace = 3,041
  2. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance = 1,458
  3. Healthy Paws = 973
  4. Petplan = 2,363
  5. Pets Best = 947
  6. Trupanion = 2,101
  7. VPI/Nationwide = 2,775



Yelp has been in business since 2004, and while you may use them primarily for restaurants and hotels, Yelp is an excellent source for pet insurance reviews. Yelp is one of the 100 most visited websites in the U.S.

What our review seems to show is when a customer has a good experience they’ve historically gone to, however when a customer is upset they’ll go to other channels like the BBB and Yelp. In this regard, Yelp serves as a good filter to get a quick take on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

One thing to be aware of when using Yelp is filtered reviews. Filtered reviews are hidden under a separate link at the bottom of the company’s listing and the scores there are not factored in Yelp’s overall rating. The reviews are from real customers who simply aren’t “power-users” — they haven’t posted enough reviews on their site.

Up to 90% Back on Vet Bills - Embrace Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Comparison

Compare Embrace to 24PetWatch Pet Insurance

When it comes to pet insurance, thdifference is in the details. We’ve compiled a list of important comparison points between Embrace and 24PetWatch to consider before deciding where to place your money and your trust.
 EMBRACE24PetWatch Pet Insurance
Wellness & Routine Care CoverageYESNO
No Per-Incident LimitationsYESNO
Premium Increases Over TimeYESYES
Behavioral Care CoverageYESNO
Independent Customer Rating9.2/104.8/10
Annual DeductibleYESNO
No Extra FeesNONO

Compare Embrace to AKC Pet Insurance

We’ve prepared below a list of the most important comparison points between Embrace and AKC Pet Insurance. The two companies may look similar at a glance, but there are a few points to consider before deciding where to place your money and your trust.

 EMBRACEAKC Pet Insurance
Hereditary & Genetic Condition CoverageYESNO
Wellness & Routine Care CoverageYESYES
No Per-Incident LimitationsYESNO
Alternative Therapy CoverageYESNO
No Extra FeesNONO
Independent Customer Rating9.2/105.9/10

Compare Embrace to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

When it comes to being a pet insurance expert, the difference is in the details. To help you, we’ve prepared a list of the most important comparison points between Embrace and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. We understand purchasing pet insurance is an investment in time and money.

 EMBRACEASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Hereditary & Genetic Condition CoverageYESYES,
Limited per incident
Continuing Care CoverageYESYES,
Limited per incident
Alternative Therapy CoverageYESYES,
max payout $300/yr
(with level 4 plan)
Wellness & Routine Care CoverageYESYES,
per-item limitations
Independent Customer Rating9.2/108.1/10

Compare Embrace to Healthy Paws

Understanding the detailed differences between companies is key to becoming a pet insurance expert.

We’ve prepared a list below of the most important comparison points between Embrace and Healthy Paws.

While the two companies may look similar at a glance, there are some important details to consider before investing your time, money and trust.

 EMBRACEHealthy Paws
Coverage for Office VisitsYESNO
Continuing Care CoverageYESYES,
with exceptions
Wellness & Routine Care CoverageYESNO
Reimbursement Methoddeductible
then co-pay
co-pay then
Behavioral CareYESNO
No Extra FeesYESNO
$25 Sign-up fee

Compare Embrace to PetFirst Pet Insurance

Choosing a pet insurance plan for your pets can be a difficult process. To help make it easier, we’ve put together this list of important factors to consider when comparing Embrace and PetFirst.

 EMBRACEPetFirst Pet Insurance
One Comprehensive PlanYESNO
Continuing Care CoverageYESYES,
with a "Lifetime" plan
or as an add-on
Hereditary & Genetic Condition CoverageYESYES,
with a "Lifetime" plan
or as an add-on
No Per-Incident LimitationsYESYES,
with a "Lifetime" plan
Independent Customer Rating9.2/107.5/10
Annual DeductibleYESNO

Compare Embrace to Petplan

Below we’ve prepared a list of important comparison points between Embrace and Petplan. Both companies have top-rated customer service on, but we wanted to share some other information that may impact your out of pocket costs when you go to make a claim.

Wellness & Routine Care CoverageYESNO
Annual DeductibleYESNO
Reimbursement Methoddeductible
then co-pay
co-pay then
No Extra FeesNONO,
$3.00/pet every payment
Yelp Score
*includes filtered review
4 stars*3 stars*

Compare Embrace to Pets Best

Becoming a pet insurance expert means understanding the detailed differences between companies. To help you, we’ve prepared a list of a few important comparison points between Embrace vs Pets Best.

Both companies reimburse a straight percentage of the vet bill, but we wanted to share some other information that could impact your out of pocket costs when you go to make a claim.

Hereditary & Genetic Condition CoverageYESYES,
only in 48 states
Alternative Therapy CoverageYESYES,
only acupuncture &
chiropractic approved
No Extra FeesNONO
Wellness & Routine Care CoverageYES,
flexible plans with
no per-item limits
per-item limitations
Independent Customer Rating9.2/108.7/10

Compare Embrace to Trupanion

We’ve prepared below a list of the most important comparison points between Embrace and Trupanion.

The two companies may look similar at a glance, but there are a few points to consider before deciding where to place your money and your trust.

Coverage for Office VisitsYESNO
Annual DeductibleYESNO
Wellness & Routine Care CoverageYESNO
Alternative Therapy CoverageYESYES,
extra cost
Premium Increases Over TimeYESYES
No Extra FeesNONO
Policy Term12 months1 month
A.M. Best RatingA+not rated

Compare Embrace to VPI/Nationwide

Becoming a pet insurance expert means understanding the detailed differences between companies.

To help you, we’ve prepared a list of the most important comparison points between Embrace vs VPI/Nationwide. Your dog or cat will thank us later.

Reimbursement Methodstraight % of vet billlimited by benefit schedule
Hereditary & Genetic ExclusionsYES183
Wellness & Routine Care CoverageYESYES,
per-item limitations
12-Month ExclusionsYES186
No Extra FeesNOno
Independent Customer Rating9.2/107.8/10

Mind if we pay your vet bills? - Embrace Pet Insurance

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